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Hello and welcome, here you will find our baby burping device for burping your baby - it makes burping a breeze

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Single User Kit

For all you parents out there, here is our single user pack, can be ordered online...

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How to use the baby burpa
- the step by step guide View Details

 Our simple guide to using our product

We think it is important to show you exactly how to use the baby burpa - here you will find the best way to use and operate the baby burpa - click on title to learn more...

All about burping your baby
- what to expect View Details

All about burping your babyUseful information for parents

If you are new to the game or expecting to be soon, or just have an awkward little one, we have compiled a few tips and tricks of the trade to help you and baby.

Problems with burping your baby
including Colic Disorder View Details

Problems with burping your babyHere we have compiled some useful information for advanced problems with burping.

Colic Disorder, and all other serious problems with burping your baby have been listed here to help mothers and parents deal with burping.


This works great!
Posted: 20/12/2011

Thank you for a great product has helped me and my baby - excellent service and shipping throughout.

Mrs. Patterson, New Zealand

Wow - you have saved me!
Posted 12/11/2011

After using your product for one day I almost immediately was surprised by the effectiveness of it - thank you so much.

G.A Linden, Australia